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The BERING motorcycle airbag is composed of two systems which communicate between them by radio.

An airbag garment

To protect the most exposed anatomical areas efficiently.

An installed system

Fixed on the motorcycle, it detects an accident. It is composed of three housing shells. The first one senses the impact, the second, any loss of control. The third housing shell provides a radio link between the system on the motorcycle and the electronic housing shell of the garment. It also informs the user how the airbag system is functioning.

Strong points

  • Anti-impact protection
  • Accident detected and airbag inflated in 80 milliseconds
  • Motorcycle airbag integrated in a jacket
  • Over 300 vehicle models and aroud twenty vehicle brands
  • Maintenance: once a year (visual control realized at the retailer)

Efficient accident detection

The safety of motorised two-wheel vehicle users remains a priority

Detection of the motorcycle’s impact against an obstacle

As soon as the motorcycle starts off, sensors 6 and 5 analyse its behaviour constantly.

On impact against an obstacle, the system detects the accident thanks to shock sensor 6 and transmits the order to inflate the airbag to the jacket by wireless link via communication housing 5.

Detection of a fall following loss of control of the vehicle.

When the motorcycle starts up, sensors 6 and 5 analyse its behaviour constantly.

If there is loss of control of the motorcycle, the system detects the accident thanks to fall sensor 7 and transmits the order to inflate the airbag to the jacket by wireless link via communication housing 5.


To produce this motorcycle airbag, BERING and API R&D carried out research with INRETS (Institut National sur les Transports et leur Sécurité) [French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research] in order to find out the nature and severity of injuries caused by a motorised two-wheel vehicle and define the protection that would attenuate them.

The chronology on impact at 50km/h:

The characteristics of an efficient motorcycle airbag:

  • The thickness of the motorcycle airbag once inflated
  • The inflation pressure
  • Inflation time less than 0.1s
  • Pressure maintained for 6s to combat the last impacts


The BERING motorcycle airbag project, aimed at attenuating injuries caused by impacts or loss of control of motorised two-wheel vehicles, is a five-pronged approach which ensures the effectiveness of an automobile or avionics safety system.
API R&D instigated the PREDIT ((Programme National de Recherche et d'Innovation dans les Transports Terrestres) research projects piloted by INRETS.

1. Studies in accidentology, impact biomechanics and dynamics

API R&D was the instigator of the PREDIT research projects (Programme National de Recherche et d'Innovation dans les Transports Terrestres) [National Research and Innovation Programme in Terrestrial Transportation] piloted by INRETS.

  • A biomechanics and accidentology specialist from CEESAR
  • An airbag specialist from an automobile manufacturer
  • An airbag system specialist from a car airbag manufacturer
  • A motorcycle apparel expert seconded by Holding Trophy
  • An engineering expert who forms part of a firm specialising in electronics, mechanics and operational security
  • A senior general manager from the French automobile industry where he conducted several new vehicle projects

2. High-level industrial and technical partners

3. Innovative technologies derived from mass-produced automobile and aeronautical gas generators

600 bar compressed helium.

Used in mass-produced automobiles for curtain airbags.

Electronic components

Processors used for secure systems for automobiles.

Proven reliability.

4. Airbag

Manufacturing technology adapted to watertightness specifications.

Controlled manufacturing quality.

5. Secure design and engineering procedure

Systems Engineering.

Operating Safety.

Lean Engineering.


  • The airbag offers protection against impacts coming from different directions and loss of control.
  • An airbag jacket completely inflated in 80 milliseconds and remaining inflated for 6 seconds.
  • A simple motorcycle airbag, wireless, light and comfortable, to be used as a garment and hence requiring no special operation to put on or take off. 
  • A motorcycle airbag integrated in a jacket worn over the clothes and which can be stored in the luggage compartment of the motorised two-wheel vehicle (scooter boot, top case, etc.).
  • Can be adapted to all types of motorcycles and scooters.
  • It is possible to have two airbags for the same vehicle and the same airbag can be used for two different vehicles.
  • An airbag mounted on the motorised two-wheel vehicle by a network of professionals trained and approved by BERING.
  • No maintenance other than replacement of the batteries.
  • Certified reliability and a 10 year life-span.
  • Incentives offered by insurance companies ( accident cover, reduction of purchase price, etc.)

Recommended retail price

€899.00 inclusive of tax

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    Motorcyclists testify of the effcciency of Protect Air after motorcycle accident.

    It was a rainy day , i was riding along at 50 km per hour when a car cut in front of me in the middle lane. My motorbike fell onto its side and i was dragged for several metres.The Protect Air was released very quicly and protected me during my fall. Result : no wounds.

    I am delighted with my Protect Air and I am proud o be one of the first users"

    Yann E, motorcycle rider since 2004, protect air user since 2011

    I chose Protect Air to equip my team for several reasons which make it unique product on the motorcyle market : its wireless protection , full protection of the various vital areas and its ultra fast release upon impact"

    Eric Procida, Manager of Pro Courses, has been equipping his team of 8 coursiers with is for the past 2 years